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February 20, 2006


Alphababy is a great mac app for infants. It clears off the desktop and shields the rest of your system from any harm. When you hit any key, a shape is shown (either a symbol or the key being pressed, or optionally, a photograph) and a sound is made (you can turn it off). If you've got a powerbook with a tough metal keyboard or an extra keyboard for your desktop mac, you can freely let your baby bang away. It only took a few sessions with alphababy before Fiona knew what to expect and now every time she sees my computer, she wants to play.

Posted by mathowie at 07:06 PM

February 08, 2006

Nine months

Fiona surpassed nine months old the other day. She's rolling over like a champ, standing against objects, and almost getting to the point of crawling. Once she is mobile, everything will change and I have a feeling watching her will be a lot more work (no more plopping her down with a few toys and doing something else nearby). I've heard from friends that mobile babies are a lot happier but she's fairly content as it is.

Posted by mathowie at 10:29 AM