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June 02, 2005

One month old

You are officially one month old Fiona! It's been a crazy month. The initial birth was an incredible event I'm still processing and should write up someday, at least so you know the whole story of your birth. The days that followed were a blur of cuteness, confusion, wonder, and frustration in the hospital but once we got home everyone started doing better.

You've been a great baby and more than we could ask for. Healthy as a lamb, quiet, and a good sleeper. While you started your life slightly underweight, you quickly grew beyond your average. You're now over nine pounds and you're really starting to get the hang of using your neck muscles. You finally lost your umbilical cord a few days ago. You seem to be smiling every so often but it's probably involuntary at this point.

I'm getting to know your patterns pretty well. Sleep. Wake. Cry. Feed. Poop. Quiet alert time, then back to Sleep. When you started this month, you were barely awake, but now you go for stretches of an hour or two of uptime between sleep. You get cranky when you don't get back to sleep but you're usually pretty good about not staying up for hours during the night.

I'm feeling more confident as a parent. I'm ok with driving around with you in the car and I can watch you for hours each night while Kay gets some rest. You love the pacifier, your vibrating bouncy seat, and your play mat with mirror. We just started using a bottle with pumped milk a couple days ago and you seem to be taking it fine, though I do have to burp you often when you use the bottle.

This month has gone by quickly and I'm sure future months will fly past in a blink. I've often said children seem to exist only to remind parents that time flies. Stay strong Fiona, stay good.

Until next month.

Posted by mathowie at June 2, 2005 04:14 PM